CCTV And Its Place In Keeping A Community Safer

Clearly Identifiable Criminals Caught On CCTV

Break-Ins, Vandalism, Anti-Social Behaviour And Street Violence All Cost The Community Directly

Prison Only Works As A Deterrent If People Believe They Will Go, And It Will Be Unpleasant

  • Lighting. A light which comes on when motion is detected will deter any but a foolish burglar. Nobody wants to be observed when they’re committing any crime so lighting is a key to warding off opportunists.
  • Maintenance. According to the ‘Broken Window Effect’ if a property looks shabby or uncared for a burglar or vandal will feel emboldened because they think nobody cares anyway. Pruned hedges look smart and eliminate hiding places while maintaining paintwork lets you identify damage and any repairs needed.
  • Security. It’s often necessary to boost your defences. As well as fitting security CCTV cameras to cover the windows and doors, ensure people know that you have security devices installed. Window stickers, obvious security cameras, strong shutters and secure doors put people off of even trying to break in.



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